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ACSC Essential Eight
Security Compliance

miniOrange will help your organization comply with the latest Essential Eight Controls issued by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to mitigate common cybersecurity risk factors.

  Deploy 8 mitigation strategies to prevent cyberattacks.

  Determine the right Essential Eight Maturity level for your company.

  Implement the right strategy to level up the Maturity Model.

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How Essential Eight Counters Cyber Attacks?

The annual damage caused by cybercrime & data breaches worldwide will exceed $10.5 trillion by 2025, as reported by Cybersecurity Ventures. To counter the rising threats and potential vulnerabilities for modern organizations, this bundle of Essential Eight strategies is focused on achieving the following objectives:

  Preventing potential Cyberattacks like Malware, Phishing, etc.

  Limiting the Extent of these Cyberattacks

  Recovery of Data & System Availability

Patch Application

Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings

Application Control

Regular Backups

Essential 8
Security Controls

Multi-Factor Authentication

Restrict Administrative Privileges

User Application Hardening

Patch Operating Systems

How miniOrange Helps Your
Organization With Essential Eight?

Patch Applications

Australian cybercrime reports state, “One in 5 critical vulnerabilities was exploited within 48 hours from the release of apps.” It is crucial to regularly patch applications to ... run a vulnerability scan to identify missing patches, and proactively address software flaws as they arise, sealing potential entry points for malicious actors with the miniOrange Solution. Read more

Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings

Your Microsoft Office Macros can contain malicious code that when executed provides attackers access to your sensitive resources. miniOrange prevents potentially harmful ...scripts from running and enables admins to block user access to configure Microsoft Office Macros for users who do not have a demonstrated business requirement. Read more

Application Control

The Application Control strategy ensures that only trusted & authorized applications are allowed to function and any malicious or unauthorized apps are blocked from ...the corporate network. With the miniOrange IAM solution, you can implement a strict access list, granting entry only to approved applications, akin to a zero-trust network architecture. Read more

  How miniOrange CASB solution can help

Regular Backups

Minimizing the impact of potentially catastrophic data breaches requires a robust data backup and recovery plan. The miniOrange solution provides secure and resilient ...backups of data, applications, and settings, ensuring business continuity and criticality. These backups can be performed daily, weekly, or incrementally, and are tested during disaster recovery exercises to restore data, applications, and settings to a common point in time. Read more

  Learn how to prevent Data Loss

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication can block 99.9% of modern automated cyberattacks. The added armor of MFA security can effectively protect sensitive enterprise sensitive ...data and corporate privacy. miniOrange provides a wide range of MFA solutions like MFA for OS systems like Windows, macOS & Linux, MFA for VPNs & Network Devices, Passwordless MFA, and many more. miniOrange supports 15+ MFA methods like Biometrics, OTP Verification, Authenticator Apps, etc. Read more

  Learn more about Multi-factor Authentication

Restrict Administrative Privileges

Privileged accounts, including local, domain, and enterprise admin groups, can be vulnerable end-points for modern attackers to exploit. The miniOrange ...Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution ensures users have only the necessary access for their roles, adhering to the principle of least privilege. It assigns a dedicated account for privileged users, reducing administrative access risks and enabling regular audits and revalidation of privileges. Read more

  How to Manage Privileged Access

User Application Hardening

Enhance the inherent security of your software applications, minimizing attack surfaces and maximizing threat prevention with miniOrange. Disable unwanted & suspicious ...services like Flash, Java, Internet Explorer 11, unwanted ads, untrusted scripts, etc. From the miniOrange dashboard, admins can update or modify all default user credentials for the organization’s approved list of applications. Read more

Patch Operating Systems

Like patching applications, patching OS systems is also necessary in your corporate environment to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance system stability. ...miniOrange ensures operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux are patched, deploying patches to servers, workstations, and mobile devices, assessing vulnerabilities within 48 hours, two weeks, or one month. Read more

Maturity Levels

In order to assist organizations with implementing the Essential Eight, four maturity levels have been defined (Maturity Level Zero through Maturity Level Three). Aside from Maturity Level Zero, maturity levels are based on mitigating increasing levels of tradecraft.

Maturity Level Zero

Maturity Level Zero

This means the organization is minimally aligned with the intent of the mitigation strategy, and it is vulnerable to common cyberattacks because not even basic security strategies or systems are in place.

Maturity Level One

Maturity Level One

This is a foundational level for any organization, establishing a secure baseline. The organization is partly aligned with the intent of the mitigation strategy. Attackers here act very opportunistically and leverage common methods like social engineering, credential theft, etc., to gain unauthorized access.

Maturity Level Two

Maturity Level Two

In this stage, advanced security measures are in place, aligning with the mitigation strategy's intent. This level is recommended for most companies, including Australian government agencies. Attackers show a moderate increase in capability, investing more time in targeting specific systems.

Maturity Level Three

Maturity Level Three

This level is ideal for organizations dealing with sensitive data and critical resources because it is fully aligned with the intent of the mitigation strategies, with robust security mechanisms in place. Threat actors may employ advanced techniques, seek privileged credentials, and pivot across networks, but most are unsuccessful in this stage.

Look Beyond Compliance, Choose Convenience & Security

Frictionless Security

Enhance user experience rather than impeding it. Secure your systems seamlessly with miniOrange,ensuring robust protection.

Unmatched Scalability

Whether you're a lean startup or a sprawling enterprise, the miniOrange solution adapts to your unique needs.

Maximum Flexibility

Use the miniOrange AWS-hosted Cloud offering, or utilize the 100% On-premise variant and deploy it wherever you like.

Continuous Innovation

Stay ahead of evolving threats with miniOrange because our R&D teams are committed to constant research and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Essential 8 Compliance all about?

The Essential 8 is a set of cybersecurity strategies designed to protect systems against cyber threats, emphasizing mitigation of malware delivery, execution, and data exfiltration.

What is the difference between NIST & Essential 8?

NIST provides comprehensive cybersecurity frameworks and guidelines, while the Essential 8 focuses on 8 specific strategies for practical cyber threat mitigation.

What are the Essential 8 information security controls?

The Essential 8 security controls includes:
1. Application control,
2. Patch applications,
3. Configure Microsoft Office macro settings,
4. User application hardening,
5. Restrict admin privileges,
6. Patch operating systems,
7. Multi-factor authentication,
8. Daily backup of important data.

When was Essential 8 launched?

The Essential 8 was introduced by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) in 2017 as an extension of the Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents.

Is Essential 8 a framework?

Yes, the Essential 8 is a cybersecurity mitigation strategy framework aimed at providing organizations with a prioritized set of practices to protect against cyber threats.

Why is Essential Eight called Essential 8?

The "Essential 8" is named for its eight fundamental mitigation strategies designed to significantly enhance an organization's cybersecurity posture against various threats.

What is the difference between essential 8 and SOC2?

Essential 8 focuses on specific cybersecurity mitigation strategies, while SOC2 is an auditing procedure ensuring secure management of data to protect interests and privacy of clients.

What is Essential 8 Maturity level one?

Maturity Level One of the Essential 8 focuses on implementing each of the eight strategies in a basic form, aimed at preventing malware delivery and execution.

Is the Essential 8 Mandatory?

The Essential 8 is not mandatory for all organizations but is highly recommended by the ACSC for Australian entities to improve their cybersecurity defenses.

What is Application Control Essential 8?

Application control is an Essential 8 strategy to prevent execution of unapproved/malicious software by allowing only authorized applications to run.

What are the 4 maturity levels?

The Essential 8 four maturity levels are:
1. Partially aligned with the mitigation strategies,
2. Fully implement each strategy,
3. Implement strategies with automation and improved security,
4. Achieve advanced security and monitoring.


The full application of the Essential Eight Security Controls and Maturity Model necessitates a combination of complex solutions, processes, professionals, and technology. The solutions indicated on our page represent just a handful of ways in which Identity Management tools can assist organizations in adhering to the Essential Eight Compliance.

The contents on this page are intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice regarding the implementation of the Essential Eight Maturity Model. MiniOrange disclaims all warranties on the information in this material, whether explicit, implied, or required by law.

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